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It's better to rent your first surfboard rather than purchase one before you've ever ridden a wave. Inexpensive surfboards usually are worth every penny you spend, but renting a surfboard from a local surf shop is the best and usually the cheapest way at first.

It's not only cheaper, it's smart. You can always buy a surfboard once you like it. A beginner's surfboard should be wide and long, advanced surfers will progress into a narrower and shorter board, you will have have to catch a few to progress into a shorter board. To reduce the chances for injury, some surf instructors put beginners on boards made out of a soft foam. Soft-deck boards seem to work best and don't weigh much. The ideal would be to find an old surfboard that floats you like a barge or "battleship". Find a surfboard at least as tall as your hand raised above your head. A leash prevents your board from getting away from you and hurting others, you must pay attention to the board returning back at you.

A wet suit is necessary if the water is colder than 65 degrees. You can always borrow or rent a wet suit, but remember that rubber suits restrict your arm and shoulder movements and can make learning to surf more difficult.

Most beginners wait until Summer and until the sun comes out. Recruiting an instructor The best way to get started, or persuade a friend who surfs to help you learn the little tricks that will make your first attempts less frustrating, and successes shared.

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