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SURF - Catch It

1.Select a wave.
2. Look to see if you are at the peak, swim a far and fast as you can to catch up to the "peak" of the wave, and look for surfers around you so you don't drop in on someone coming towards you.
3. Point your board toward the shore, away from the "peak". The board and you should be going left or right of the wave and down toward the Shoulder.
4. Begin paddling before the wave gets to you, and build momentum.
5. Ride the wave on your stomach until you get the momentum you need, Grab the rails and arch your back, and get ready to stand up and ride.
6. Your weight should be slightly back to avoid the nose of your board from going under, "pearling", "pearl-diving". "Pearling/Pearl-diving" is when you go straight down head first in to the sand. i.e. "looking for peals".
7 . Paddle with the wave until you feel it lift the board, then push yourself to a squatting position.
8. When you achieve the speed required stand to your feet *pop-up. Beginners should practice pop-ups on the beach beforehand to figure out which foot is most comfortable in front.
9. Ride the board to the middle of the wave, and depending on angle, push, height, and speed of the wave, adjust your board to achieve stability and setup for turning.
10. Learn the wave. Learn how to steer by shifting your weight and angle of board.
11. Try to avoid running over other surfers.
12. Be sure to dismount before reaching the shore. A collision with reef, surfers, surfboards, rocks and even sand can ruin you surfing experience. Return to the "Peak" Area, and do it again.

Beginners : Practice popping to your feet on dry land first. This is an important skill that you should be able to perform without a thought. Try getting up in one smooth motion. Now is the time to figure out what foot goes in front. A "regular" foot has the left foot forward. A "goofy" foot has the right foot forward.

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