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Basic Information and How to Guide: Surfing, Skateboarding and Snowboarding


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o Skateboarding!

Basic how to guide and fundamentals of Skateboarding

Tricks Talk / Skate Slang

All kinds of skate tricks can be preformed.
Here are some of the basic tricks.

Each trick can be performed by facing either way on the board. The direction you are facing and foot placement are defined by three terms.

Regular foot: if your left foot is forward to the nose.

Goofy foot: if your right foot is forward to the nose.

Fakie if you are riding backward.

The Ollie
A fundamental manueuver that leads to more tricks.

The Ollie Kick-flip
Doing an Ollie while rotating the board under the feet 180 degrees.

The Frontside 180
Doing an Ollie while rotating 180 degrees.

Basic Grinds & Slides

Sliding on the underside of the deck, either on the sidewalk edge or handrails or poles.

Sliding on the underside of the nose end/front of the board.

Crooked grind
Grinding on the front trucks.

5-0 grind
Sliding along with only the back truck in contact with the edge. Also called a manual grind.

50-50 grind
Sliding along with both trucks in contact with the edge.

Nose maunal
A wheelie on the front two wheels.

Acid Drop:  Dropping off something such as a ledge, and landing on the bottom.

Air: What you get when you hit a ramp or fly off a ledge. Any time a skater and board  leave the riding surface together.

Ali oop: Spinning in the air the opposite way you are traveling. Mainly used on quarter pipes, halfpipes and transitions.

Backside: A move where a skater's back faces an obstacle.

Coping: The material on the edge of a ramp or pool used for grinding or sliding.

Dropping in: When a skater goes down a ramp from a still position.

Fakie: Riding backwards

Frontside: A move where a skater faces an obstacle.

Grab: When a skater reaches down and grabs the deck of the skateboard.

Grind: To scrape one or both axles on the edge of an object.

Nollie: Like an ollie, but instead of snapping the tail down you snap the nose down to get air.

Slide: When any part of the deck slides on a surface.

Stall: Resting a part of your board on something for a second or two.

Street skating: skating on streets, curbs, benches and handrails.

Transition: Refers to any curved incline rising from a flat riding surface.

Vert skating: Skating on ramps and other vertical structures designed for skating.


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